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Printed Painting on canvas

Characteristics of Oil-Painting prints on canvas:
presenting the exquisite, beautiful impressiveness and elegant sight pleasure, with modern advance printing technology. Here are some features:
1.The prints are duplicated directly on the artist's canvas. The natural texture of canvas gives the prints the exact looking and feeling of an original Oil-Painting with visual and color effects, generating the same result of the real oil paintings.
2.Canvas, having such good qualities of durability, unbreakable, waterproof and dustproof, can be kept for a long time, longer than the prints on paper and other duplicates, creating the collection values.
3.With special printing technologies, we can re-produce one picture with large volume. This can satisfy not only the customers that need high quality decorative pictures but also those with large purchasing volume.
4.With brush stroke , the pictures are more vivid, creating the highs and lows on the surface, and giving us almost the same look as that of the original.

Collection: with serigraph printing technology on 4-6 colors and then with brush stroket. The good characteristic for this product is: with serigraph printing, it is suitable for large volume printing. Quality can meet the standard for collection in the West. The color space rangers are wider and more colorful, meeting the qulity of Giclee. However, the texture effect may not be as great. .

Printed oil painting sample(quality-High)

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